What Makes the Best Bong Bowl?

What Makes the Best Bong Bowl?

Creating a fantastic bong bowl is all about striking the perfect balance between functionality and flair. Let's explore what sets an exceptional bowl apart from the run-of-the-mill options. To find out, we need to examine the two primary functions a bong bowl serves: to hold the cannabis and connect an air path that leads to the bong's water. We will also consider some secondary bowl properties like appearance, ease of cleaning, and cost.

Grinding up herb before ignition increases the effectiveness of the burn, and the more finely ground the product is, the better it will burn. Think of burning a pile of crumpled paper vs. a log; burning a log will take much more heat and time. Grinding also breaks off keef, the THC-packed dust that every stoner longs for. When smoking a packed bowl, it is sure that some of that finely ground weed and kief will get sucked through the bowl and into the bong water unless you have a screen in the bowl.

Connecting the bowl to the bong is a simple matter of matching the tapers. A 14mm male taper bowl will fit into 90% of the bongs out there. If you need help determining which size you have, check out our in-depth measurement guide here. Depending on the quality of the bowl, the taper interface of the bowl and downstem/bong may fit with varying accuracy.

Glass Funnel Bowl            glass martini bong bowl

Kicking off the list are the basic bowls of the bong world: glass funnel bowls. These come stock with most bongs and have a single hole which lets the smoke, unburnt weed and ash fly down the stem and into the bong. They are relatively simple to clean, but be careful because they break easily. No one has ever said, “Check out my cool glass funnel bowl!”

Round Blown Glass Bowl             glass bowl, round

These are not the best bowls and are typically the cheapest, usually under $10. They let the herb and ash fly into the bong, and they will break with the slightest touch. As far as cleaning, good luck! Resin and debris quickly builds up in the interior and getting a pipe cleaner or cleaning solution in there is nearly impossible.

Glass Art Bowl                            glass art bong slide

These bowls come in various designs and colors, from the exquisite to the obscene. With very few exceptions, they have a single hole in the middle to get your bong all dirty and gross. Cleaning these showpieces can be nerve-racking as they usually have nooks and crannies, and a slight tap could break the whole bowl. These bowls can cost from $30-$100.

Glass Bowls with Screens   Glass screen bong slide

With glass webbing integrated into the bowl, these bong slides can keep the cannabis and ash from falling into the bong. They can be challenging to clean and require brushing the small holes, making them especially prone to dropping. These bong bowls are a decent option with a moderate price point and many looks and colors.

Note: You can also try smashing a metal screen into any of these glass bowls, but you'll generally have to have a good resin build-up in the bowl if you want any hope of holding the screen in place.

Silicone Bowls                 Silicone bong bowl

Made of unbreakable silicone, these bong bowls provide an excellent alternative to glass. They typically contain a glass insert, which acts as the screen and bowl into which the herb is packed. This bowl insert is necessary because the heat from a lighter can damage the silicone. They are easy to clean, but the glass inserts can be a pain due to the small holes and fragility. After multiple uses, the silicone will permanently stain, which doesn't look very good. These are a good cheap alternative if you don't care about long-term appearance.

Metal Bowls                   Metal bong bowl

Unbreakable and stain-proof, these bowls are a step up from silicone. Unfortunately, most manufacturers are just replicating the glass funnel bowl, allowing the ash and cannabis to fly down into the bong water during smoking. While break-proof, they will ding on the taper if dropped a certain way, rendering them useless as they can no longer  fit into the bong. They can have a variety of colors and boast an average price of $40-$50.

The Invincibowl       green aluminum bong bowl

We've taken time to maximize every part of the Invincibowl. The screen is made of a high-flow mesh, allowing for smooth pulls for over 20 bowls. The screen is captured in the bowl for easy replacement when you want and will stay put when needed. It comes in seven brilliant colors to match any piece and is equipped with a silicone grip guard on the handle for easy manipulation. The taper has a patented chamfered edge, preventing dings and ensuring your bowl is always ready to use. At just $35, it pays for itself after three drops, which would have resulted in the breaking of any glass bowl. Truly, this is the best bowl you could ever hope for. Try yours today!

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