Truly Adjustable

Unlike other adjustable downstems that require manual adjustments, Invincipole's telescoping technology allows for a smooth and effortless extension with a simple pulling motion. The unprecedented versatility and adaptability prioritizes user experience above all else.

Invincipole also features pressure lock and release taper joints. This responsive design secures the device into the bong, then easily releases with a simple click. Gone are the days of a jammed downstem. Precision lightning ridges simplify pole extension while the inner O-ring seals the directed airflow.

We are proud to offer our customers products subject to rigorous testing. Which is why we confidently back them with a lifetime warranty.

  • Adjustable Downstem

    Retractable slide fits most commonly distributed bongs on the market today

  • Pressure Responsive Design

    Patented lock and release taper prevents downstem from wedging

  • Final Ash Defense

    High-flow proprietary mesh retained within diffuser cap of Invincipole

  • Easy Maintenance

    Achieve optimum performance forever with easy maintenance that restores function instantly


I didn't expect this dowstem to feel so nice. It's surprisingly smooth and hits really well. I recommend them!

Nadine Perez

Fast delivery. Great Price. Quality Product. Forever Customer.

Mark Hilley

It has been long due for me to get the performance package. I would recommend it to all my ppl


Best bowl I've ever used! Super easy to clean and best of all I don't have to worry out it breaking and buying multiple bowls over and over!


Pulls well!

Just another smoker