Bong Accessory Measurement Guide

Bong Accessory Measurement Guide

Picking the right size downstem and bowl can be a hassle if you don’t know how to measure your glassware properly. It’s important to find the one with a perfect fit because snug placement and proper length will determine the effectiveness of your water filtration. That’s why we’ve created a simple guide to help you effortlessly determine the best fit for your smoking accessories. 

To obtain a proper measurement of the bowl, you will  need thrhee household items: AAA battery, AA battery, and a dime. A 14mm bowl is the most common size, and consequently the size of all Invincibowls, so we’ll start there. Hold an AA battery next to the taper of your bowl, if they are nearly identical in size, then you have a 14mm. If your taper is smaller, try out the AAA which is nearly identical in size to a 10mm bowl; and if your taper is larger, try out the dime.

To size your downstem taper you can use the same three items above. 18mm is the most common size of bong receptacle so start with the dime, turn the dime sideways (as shown in image) and slide it into the bong taper. You should only be able to insert it a short distance before it will bottom out. DO NOT INSERT THE DIME FLAT, IT MAY GET STUCK! If the dime doesn’t go in at all, try out the AA or AAA batteries, they will go a small distance into the bong taper if you have a 14mm or 10mm respectively.

The Invincipole is an 18mm adjustable downstem which extends and retracts to fit the most commonly distributed bongs. It collapses to a functional 3 inches and stretches out to an impressive 5 ¾ measuring just under 6 inches. This gives owners of the Invincipole seven common sizes to choose from, as well as all fractional sizes in between! This saves you the inconvenience of having to evaluate your bong’s acceptance depth and gives you peace of mind knowing that your unbreakable downstem will fit all your bongs for years to come. If for some reason, you prefer a standard glass downstem, here is how you measure the length.

For measurement of your bong’s acceptance depth, you will need two additional items: a pencil (or another long cylindrical item) and a ruler. Next, slide your pencil inside your bong and hover just above the bottom of the glass. You’ll need to measure starting from where the end of the joint meets the wall of your bong. Mark the distance on the pencil and withdraw the item. Now using a ruler or measuring tape, determine the length of your downstem. 

It is important that your downstem reach the bottom of the bong while engaging the taper fully. This will ensure that the smoke travels through the most water giving you maximum filtration. Fixed downstems often leave some fractional gap at the bottom due to manufacturing tolerances. Our adjustable downstem will get right to the bottom of your bong, giving you the cleanest hit, guaranteed! Pick up your Invincipole, or for even cleaner water, try the Invinci-bundle.

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