What's the big deal?

Imagine stepping into a realm where smoking becomes an art form, a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and innovation. Here, at the heart of this evolution, stands the Invincipole – a masterpiece that redefines the smoking experience.

In our quest to perfect the art of smoking, we introduced the world's first genuinely adjustable downstem, designed to be the perfect companion to our iconic Invincibowls. It's a logical synergy – an unbreakable bong bowl deserves nothing less than an unbreakable downstem to complete the ensemble.

Choose the Invincipole and experience firsthand why it's the best downstem available on the market today!


Cleaning Your Invincipole


Range of Use

Traditionally, downstems have been slender glass tubes, their fragility a well-known drawback. A drop, routine cleaning, or even the simple act of removal can shatter these delicate pieces. We've been there, and we've witnessed the frustration.

Enter the Invincipole – an adjustable metal downstem meticulously crafted to surmount the limitations of its glass predecessors. It's not just unbreakable; it's a testament to durability, shatterproof by design, and adaptable to your preferences.

But here's the twist: concealed within the diffuser cap of our unbreakable downstems lies a hidden gem – a second screen. This unassuming yet ingenious feature not only enhances your smoking experience but also ensures less ash, gunk, and product buildup in your bong water.

Our journey to bring Invincipole to life was paved with extensive research and unwavering dedication to excellence.

When you make the Invincipole your choice, you're embracing the pinnacle of metal downstem craftsmanship.

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