A Marvel of Engineering

Vastly improve your smoking experience with a patented captured screen, uniform heat distribution, and ash-catching capabilities. These shatterproof bong bowls will keep the contents of your bowl within the bowl- saving you a lot of green.

The sleeve is released with a quarter turn of the handle, revealing the screen. The distinctive design allows you to completely flip the bowl over to tap out ash without losing our proprietary mesh. A first of its kind feature which also ensures your flower will only be in contact with surgical stainless steel.

Invincibowl has the same thermal capacitance as glass, but we still included a silicone grip guard for added protection. Pair with Invincipole to experience the pinnacle of technological advancement.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Our products come with a lifetime guarantee that will never expire

  • Better Experience

    Distinctive shape enhances heat distribution

  • No Metallic Taste

    Zero odors, aroma, and byproducts

  • Save Money

    Protect against impact, product loss, and bad smoke sessions


I wish I had found this product a few decades earlier. A much better solution than glass!


Best purchase I have made. This bowl is phenomenal.


Fast delivery. Great Price. Quality Product. Forever Customer.

Mark Hilley

this was a great gift for my gf who breaks everything. she has been thinking about getting the bowl too and we just won a giveaway on their instagram page. hella cool.


I think this is my new favorite type of bowl! I have almost all the colors! I love the screens too!