• Indestructible

    Patented design provides smooth airflow, effective ash catching, and durability

  • Cost Effective

    Cumulative cost of 3+ broken glass bong bowls or downstems is equal the cost of an Invincibowl product

  • No Metallic Taste

    Medical grade surgical stainless steel interface ensures cleanest bong water possible

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    We will
    fix or replace unsatisfactory Invincibowl products, forever

(left) Glass bowl & downstem
Invincibowl & Invincipole (right)

Both products were used 20 times

The glass-on-glass bong bowl and downstem combination on the left contains floating particles with bacteria, mold, fungi, mildew, ash, and unsmoked flower. The unbreakable bong bowl and downstem on the right use advanced technology to eliminate particulate deposits.

Invincibowl's dual filtration system captures flower, dirt, and grime, acting as an ash catcher without compromising airflow.

  • Better Smoking Experience

    The bowl’s unique shape allows for a smoother pull and cleaner draw

  • Save Money

    Cut down on flower waste with patented screen barrier

  • Sustainable

    Made from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and surgical stainless steel

  • Adjustable Downstem

    Retractable slide glides between 3 to 6 inches