Your Go-To Guide to Invincibowl and Invincipole

Discover the revolutionary world of the Invincibowl, a game-changing bong accessory that's set to redefine your smoking experience. Crafted from premium, durable aluminum and featuring a proprietary screen design, the Invincibowl offers a smoking experience like no other.

What sets the Invincibowl apart is its ingenious design, perfectly compatible with any 14mm bong. Say goodbye to the need for a new rig – this unbreakable bowl fits seamlessly into your existing setup, eliminating the worry of shattering, unlike fragile glass pieces. You can even drop the Invincibowl and its trusty companion, the Invincipole, without a second thought.

To ensure you make the most of the Invincibowl and Invincipole and to showcase their incredible resilience, we've curated a collection of helpful instructional videos. Dive into the world of durability and innovation with us.

Cleanest Way to Smoke

Invincibowl vs. Hammer

Invincibowl Music Video

Invincibowl Assembly

Invincipole Assembly

How To Clean Video

The Unbreakable Duo

Whether you're curious about disassembling the Invincibowl, mastering its cleaning process, or optimizing its accessories for peak performance, we've got you covered with our video tutorials. These videos vividly demonstrate the exceptional durability of both the Invincibowl and the Invincipole – they can even withstand blows from a sledgehammer. But they're more than just tough; the Invincibowl's secure-screen technology is the first of its kind, making ash disposal a breeze.

If you're committed to keeping your bong in pristine condition for years to come, you need a bowl that can handle the pressure.

Join the revolution today and experience the unbeatable functionality and everlasting build quality for yourself! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance along the way.