In 2019, Jeff Houkal, a mechanical engineer, actor, film producer, and inventor with 7 patents, founded Invincibowl. After his wife, Gloria Houkal, broke three glass bong bowls in the span of one month, he decided he’d had enough. Jeff set out to create a device that wouldn't break and also create an integrated smoking screen and sleeve system– which eliminates the frustrating process of ash removal.

Invincibowl has quickly become a popular choice among smokers who value durability, convenience, and efficiency. It is a testament to Jeff's ingenuity and dedication to creating products that actually make a difference.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, Invincibowl has all the must-have accessories that will change the way you light up, forever!


Yes! The Invincibowl is designed as a seamless replacement for traditional 14mm glass bong bowls, ensuring a snug and secure fit within your current setup. But here's where the magic truly happens – we wholeheartedly recommend complementing your Invincibowl with our Invincipole. This dynamic duo isn't just your run-of-the-mill bong bowl and downstem; it represents the pinnacle of smoking innovation available in today's market.

Together, they promise not just a smoke, but a pristine, clean-smoking experience that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them. So why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate your smoking game with the extraordinary? Join the Invincibowl revolution today and discover a whole new world of smoking satisfaction!


Our bowl has the same thermal capacitance as glass, which essentially means it can absorb and release the same amount of heat. The stainless-steel sleeve is where the consumer will engage the flame. This portion of the device provides an insulating layer between the flame and the aluminum bowl — this insulating layer (the stainless-steel insert) is crucial in our design, allowing you to flip your bowl over entirely and tap out the ash.

With substantial use, a glass bowl can become quite hot. Our bowl is no different. Though it will not heat up as much as a glass bowl, it will get hot with rapid smoking. Fortunately, we have an insulated handle that protects the user from the heat of the bowl.

Always be careful when handling any product which has had heat applied.

Significant heat build-up can happen with extended flame application.

*Intended for use with pocket lighter.


Invincipole is an adjustable downstem featuring the world’s first Telescoping Technology. This allows the device to extend and retract between 3-6 inches and everything in between!

Invincipole is crafted from high quality aerospace-grade aluminum that has undergone a full-body hard-anodization process. Its design allows for a convenient fit with any 14mm bowl.

Additionally, the Invincipole features a multi-hole diffuser, complete with a specially-designed stainless-steel screen that acts as a final layer of protection against ash. Clean bong water is possible, you just need the right tools.


Invincipole is made to accommodate a wide variety of bongs. The 18mm/14mm joint fitting downstem easily extends from 3 to 6 inches!

And of course, all Invincibowl products are flawlessly tailored to fit one another.


Our rule of thumb is when you are ready to give your bong a bath, you’re probably ready to swap your screens too. Both devices easily come apart for thorough cleaning. Remove screens before placing bowl and downstem into a bag with Isopropyl and salt, shake for 30 seconds -1 minute and rinse! You can additionally wash with a pea size amount of dish soap then rinse again with hot water, but it is not necessary.

We advise only using Isopropyl and salt to clean your devices!

*Other cleaners may cause damage as they contain harsh chemicals!


Regular use of a bubbler or bong can lead to the buildup of carbon residue and plant matter deposits in the water. These deposits, which include substances like alkanes, esters, and alcohol remnants, can get mixed with the moisture in the bong water due to the bubbling action. When you smoke, these particles can end up in your lungs.

However, if you use a captured screen, you can significantly reduce the amount of material that gets deposited into your bong water. This results in a cleaner and smoother smoking experience.


Our Secure-Screen technology revolutionized the consumer experience by allowing the user to completely flip the Invinicibowl over without fear of losing the protective barrier — a total game-changer. We have applied this same technology to the Invincipole. A simple twist of the screw handle will release the sleeve and grant access to our proprietary screen, which permits well over 20+ bowls before it needs replacing, keeping glassware cleaner for longer.


The short answer is, no.

Generic screens either burn to a crisp or become so loaded with tar that you cannot smoke and are forced to replace it after only a few uses. Our proprietary high-flow screens permit well over 20+ bowl packs before they need replacing, keeping glassware cleaner for longer. There are tons of alternatives, but none that work as well. Traditional brass screens have been around for decades; yet, they are quick to degrade since brass has a relatively low melting point. Brass also releases pollutants such as zinc and copper, which will contaminate your smoking experience. Glass or quartz screens, although reusable, require tons of patience as tenacious cleaning and gentle handling are required.

Invincibowl screen cannot easily obstruct due to the nature of their design meaning they will calmly serve an even burn with virtually no product loss.

*Every single unit includes spare screens.


Don't worry, Invincibowl is warrantied against manufacturer defects and is intended to sustain drops from up to 10 feet onto solid surfaces! We will fix or replace any Invincibowl product, forever.

See more about our warranty here: Invincibowl Device Warranty

See more about our return policy here: Invincibowl Return Policy

If you need to contact us for any reason regarding your products, please email info@invincibowl.com


Invincibowl is completely safe to use and will not deliver any aluminum into your lungs. We have done extensive evaluation and produced three proofs to support this fact.

Aluminum, like virtually all materials, has three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas; think of ice, water and steam.

The hottest point of a pocket lighter’s flame can reach 1970˚C.  SOURCE The hottest point of a mini-torch’s flame can reach 1430˚C. SOURCE At normal environmental temperatures aluminum is in its solid state. It turns to molten liquid at 660 ˚C and turns to gaseous vapor at 2470˚C. SOURCE Since neither a lighter or a mini-torch can produce the temperatures needed to convert aluminum to a gas at atmospheric pressure, even at 10,000ft elevation, there is no way for vaporized particles to be released.

Additionally, the Invincibowl would need to transition from solid, through liquid phase and into a gas phase. We have hundreds of videos and have run dozens of experiments proving, without a doubt, that the Invincibowl does not form molten metal when used.

The Invincibowl has a mass of 16,000mg

The average person consumes 10mg of aluminum per day in their food, water and air intakeSOURCE The Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter can neither be created or destroyed. SOURCE At 10mg/day the Invincibowl would completely vanish after roughly 4 years of usage. This does not happen,  the Invincibowl's mass remains exactly the same, proving that all of the aluminum atoms remain fixed to the product.

The Invincibowl is coated with a layer of hard anodization. This not only gives it cool colors, but provides a 1-mil (about a ¼ thickness of your hair) protective layer which can withstand temperatures up to 2000˚C. SOURCE After continual usage and hundreds of heating cycles, the anodized coating remains fully intact. Since the anodized coating is intact, and incredibly thin, we can conclude that no material is being shed, no aluminum is being released. 

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in mother nature’s crust. Aluminum compounds can be found in trace amounts in all sorts of everyday items such as antacids, cosmetics, sunscreens, and as we mentioned before, in the food, water and air that you ingest.

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, CDCUS National Library of Medicine, NIH
The connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s is complicated and widely misunderstood. Varying factors contribute to the disease including organ health, neuro-inflamation, neurofibrillary tangles, and several others. It is not even understood if the disease itself is what causes accumulation of different elements in the brain or vice versa.
Metal foundry workers who ingest significant amounts of aluminum, on the order of 1000mg/day, over long periods of time, have been shown to suffer neurological effects. For this reason we highly recommend you not eat your Invincibowl (1600mg)

Aluminum, metals and dementiaInfluence of crucial risk factor to developing Alzheimer diseaseUnderstanding Aspects of Aluminum Exposure in Alzheimer’s Disease Development

  • Keep your Invincipole’s slide smooth with an application of lube from our Maintenance Kit

  • NEVER use cleaners on devices —only clean using isopropyl + salt

  • Remove silicone grip guard before each cleaning to prevent potential staining

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