Ultimate Durability

Take your high to an all new level with this extraordinary product. The Chill Pipe is a sleek stainless-steel bong that’s not just shatterproof- it’s a game changer! The patented design keeps your ice solid for hours and yields a cool, smooth hit. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors to pair with your Invincibundle and conquer the most frustrating aspects of smoking!

This bong offers an innovative combination of durability, customization, and consistently chilled hits.

  • Vacuum Insulated

    Double-wall insulation keeps ice stays cold for hours

  • Ceramic Interior

    Provides the same smooth hit as its glass counterpart

  • Easy Maintenance

    Threaded modular design makes maintenance simple

  • Indestructible

    Stainless steel ensures bong can withstand anything



R. R.

Simple yet totally genius I love mine. Great value.

Jilian M

*cough* *cough* *cough* "Ohh God...it burns so good!" *more coughs*


Fast delivery. Great Price. Quality Product. Forever Customer.

Mark Hilley

These bongs are the s**t! 10/10!