Ultimate Durability

Take your high to an all new level with this extraordinary product. The Chill Pipe is a sleek stainless-steel bong that’s not just shatterproof- it’s a game changer! The patented design keeps your ice solid for hours and yields a cool, smooth hit. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors to pair with your Invincibundle and conquer the most frustrating aspects of smoking!

This bong offers an innovative combination of durability, customization, and consistently chilled hits.

Pair with MouthPeace bong filter for the cleanest smoke! Designed to reduce tar and resin, this advanced filtration system preserves the potency and aroma of your favorite strains while capturing impurities.

  • Vacuum Insulated

    Double-wall insulation keeps ice stays cold for hours

  • Ceramic Interior

    Provides the same smooth hit as its glass counterpart

  • Easy Maintenance

    Threaded modular design makes maintenance simple

  • Indestructible

    Stainless steel ensures bong can withstand anything



R. R.

Simple yet totally genius I love mine. Great value.

Jilian M

*cough* *cough* *cough* "Ohh God...it burns so good!" *more coughs*


Fast delivery. Great Price. Quality Product. Forever Customer.

Mark Hilley

These bongs are the s**t! 10/10!