New Year, New and Improved Infinity Series

New Year, New and Improved Infinity Series

Invincibowl is a small business that strives to create only the most innovative products. This commitment extends to individual components as well as products. In the new Infinity series, we have implemented many groundbreaking features that will further enhance your smoking experience!

The world’s first adjustable downstem, the Invincipole, now has redesigned Pressure Lock-And-Release taper joints to ensure smooth bowl removal without sticking. A simple twist and pull motion will free the bowl and downstem allowing for an even draw. This feature will also prevent your Invincipole from jamming inside your bong. This is a common problem amongst bong enthusiasts we like to call, stem blocking. Whether you’ve invested in our metal downstem or you’re still using glass or silicone, this issue couldn’t be avoided- until now. The outer module also includes precision engineered grooves that discharge the stem with a simple push to facilitate a slick operation. 

\That’s not the only change in the new Infinity series. The Invincipole also comes with a redesigned hex head to prevent rolling. Its new sleek satin finish means you’ll be able to take better-quality photos of your setup. Now you can glide through over 7 different sizes of downstems with our revolutionary telescoping downstem and hit every odd fit in between with an upgraded look. The same goes for our Invincibowl!  

Travel in style with a fresh bundle to keep your bong particulate-free. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Invincibowl products, simply contact us here and we’ll refund your money or process an exchange, no questions asked! We also offer a lifetime guarantee. When you purchase one of our pieces, you can be certain you'll have it for life!

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