blue bong bowl and 4.5 inch downstem bundle

Unlock the magic of the Invincibowl and Invincipole as they unite to create a formidable duo in ash-catching prowess.

This dynamic combination is your fortress against debris, ensuring that virtually nothing infiltrates your bong water. Meticulously designed for exceptional durability and easy maintenance.

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The downstems rock! And I have owned many lol 🤣 This is the best one! Definitely worth the money!

Michelle Roberts

I wish I had found this product a few decades earlier. A much better solution than glass!


We have been using it since Janurary of 2022. So far so good.

Shashanka Patel

Love, love, love this set!!


I like everything about invincibowls except that I don't have more. Came a day early!