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SUNDOWN Invincipole Infinity- Orange 18mm/14mm Downstem

(21 customer reviews)



The new and improved Invincipole Infinity series is an 18mm/14mm joint fitting downstem. It is precision crafted from an aerospace-grade aluminum module with a full-body hard-anodization and a sleek, satin finish. This device is best paired with the Invincibowl but it comfortably admits any 14mm bowl of your choosing. Invincipole features the world’s first Telescoping Technology extending from 3 inches - 5 ¾ inches, fitting a wide range of commonly distributed bongs. The Infinity series features the new pressure lock and release taper joints. The pressure responsive design secures your downstem into the bong then easily releases with a simple click anti-jamming operation, preventing the downstem from wedging in the bong. Meanwhile, internal joints provide superior holding strength plus easy bowl removal with a fluid twist and pull motion. The refined hex head allows you to maneuver the piece with little effort along anti-roll stability while cleaning. Precision lightning ridges make pole extension easy while the inner O-ring seals the directed airflow. The downstem also features a removable multi-hole diffuser cap that houses the final ash defense system, our proprietary stainless-steel screen. This high-flow mesh is reliable, effective, and enhances your smoking experience tenfold.

How to know if our donwstems fit your bong

Sundown Invincipole - Orange 18MM/14MM


Your search for the perfect 18mm downstem to complement your Invincibowl is over. The Sundown Invincipole creates a smoother hit, with a stunning orange color that mimics sunlight as it descends on the horizon. This filtered downstem will make your next smoke session far smoother.

Lasting Quality

The Sundown Invincipole is an 18/14mm downstem crafted from sturdy, aerospace-grade aluminum. Engineered with telescoping technology that will fit nearly any bong on the market, the Invincipole is a game-changer. The hard anodized coating also maintains a premium appearance: it flaunts a bright orange color, reduces wear, and offers a chemically inert surface. 

Just like the Invincibowl, this piece is shatterproof. Stop wasting money on subpar products. Join the Invincibowl family and never clean up broken glass again!

A Smoother Smoking Experience

The integrated screen in the Invincipole makes for highly effective ash catching. Combining this downstem with the Invincibowl, featuring its integrated screen, means virtually no ash gets into the water. This expandable downstem creates a smoother smoking experience down to the internal O-ring seals which direct airflow.

The Invincipole is also easy to clean with quick disassembly. All you need to clean this 18mm downstem is isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Additional information

Weight2.5 oz
Dimensions4.75 × 1 × 1 in


21 reviews for SUNDOWN Invincipole Infinity- Orange 18mm/14mm Downstem

  1. ryan t (verified owner)

    worth while investment!

  2. Marc

    Mine work as expected, and now my two sons and I can all match with our invinci--poles. I will definitly look into buying the invinci--bowl too.

  3. wstylez101 (verified owner)

    So let me start off by saying the value for the money, and the ability on how easy it is to use make these is amazing. You only have to adjust by sliding it up or down and it actually stays in place. I had it for about one month and I lost the little rubber black piece on the inside. So I called the company and they sent me a brand new one free of charge. So far I’m happy and will order again soon!

  4. Ricardo R. (verified owner)

    I have never seen such a clever design for a downstem before. I guess system is what you would call it? This is sooo convenient! It is basically 10-12 different lengths in 1

  5. Ang (verified owner)

    Quick change in dimension adjustments with push-pull design. Love it.

  6. Bald asian

    The board itself is heavy and of good value. Would definitely buy this one again. Price was right, I did get what I paid for and am very happy with it!

  7. Joshua W. (verified owner)

    This hover stem overall met my expectations. It was easy to learn how to maneuver it, and I have had no issues so far.

  8. javier

    i already want to get more lool

  9. ETron (verified owner)

    Absolute freaking game changer I used to the titan stem but I hated that it never reached the water as far as I wanted it to. It also was really hard to ever get in touch with the people there. But, this thing is unreal!

  10. BENNY (verified owner)


  11. Steven (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible. Well done. ????????????????????????

  12. Big Mike (verified owner)

    Works great and is near impervious to anything. 10/10 recommend!

  13. Eloise (verified owner)

    This is really cute and looks just like the picture. I have been using it for about a week now and I love it.

  14. flor

    wow works good

  15. Pete

    What a fantastic item for that sparkly clean glassware we all love and but hate to clean. ty!!

  16. Maria Rodriquez (verified owner)

    Bought our second one! My husband loves his too!!

  17. Rob Smith (verified owner)

    Just get it, it works great no need to keep searching. This is the best I can find at this price. Fits all of my bongs I love it.

  18. Hayley H. (verified owner)

    I am someone who was very skeptical of this deal as I am used to paying much less for a downstem but, it turned out wonderful. I actually think it paid for itself within the first few minutes because I already dropped it when giving it a quick rinse. I can see myself using this for a really long time. The company also sent out stickers with a little note that I thought was thoughtful.

    Will buy again.

  19. Sam

    love mine ????????

  20. Katie Belle (verified owner)

    This company and their customer service is top notch! I will probably buy a second one honestly, it has been durable and I drop things all the time. The smoke is fantastic!

  21. X. Williams (verified owner)

    Very smooth. Im pleased with the design - just a simple sleek orange. Shipping was also great, arrived 2 days ahead of expected delivery. I initially didnt receive a tracking number so I contacted them and they quickly replied with the tracking information. Very pleased with this purchase. Best performing bowl and downstem I have ever had.

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