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14mm Bong Bowl Screens- 25pk

(16 customer reviews)



🚚 Buy two or more and get free shipping! 25 per pack!!

Looking for a solution to clogged downstems and ash-filled bong water? Tired of cheap, unreliable screens that don’t get the job done? With our high-quality bong screens, you can say goodbye to obstruction and grimy water! Made of 304 surgical stainless steel, these 5/8" high-flow smoking screens are sized to fit perfectly in our 14mm bong bowl. Our proprietary mesh allows for prolonged use without reduction in air flow, keeping your bong water cleaner for longer. We guarantee each screen will last 20 bowls before you even consider swapping it out!

We know that most smokers have given up on smoking screens after being disappointed one too many times by low-quality, unreliable products made of unsafe materials. We’re confident that our Invincibowl and screens will revolutionize your smoking experience by providing thorough filtration while still allowing significant air flow. Unlike competitors, these screens are built to last and allow you to turn your device over completely to remove ash using our Secure-Screen system.

High-Flow Mesh

When paired with the most commonly distributed bongs, the InvinciBundle allows vapors to pass through its filters, clearing smoke of particles like herb and ash. This results in a cleaner smoking experience. Still skeptical? Check out this video and experiment for yourself! No more half-smoked product lost in your bong water, no more nasty excessive residue buildup, and most importantly, fewer cleaning sessions!

The Invincibowl and screen combination provides a flat bottom to the bowl, resulting in a more complete and thorough burn of product. The Invincipole with its ash defense screen and multi-hole diffuser enhances filtration and helps make cleanup easy.  This 25-pack of smoking screens is also a great value lasting a total of over 500 bowls!

Additional information

Weight.1 oz
Dimensions1 × 2 × .1 in

16 reviews for 14mm Bong Bowl Screens- 25pk

  1. Dopey

    They work

  2. Tara

    ur not gonna find better screens

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    Impressive first screen has lasted more than 20 bowls against a torch lighter.

  4. Gwyn (verified owner)

    Unique design I love it

  5. Nai

    Works well (10/10)
    Lasts long (10/10)
    Dont burn off anything (10/10)

  6. Doug

    Top notch!

  7. JW (verified owner)


  8. Shayla (verified owner)

    I purchased four of these during their black Friday sale and oh my goodness I am so glad I did! They are going to last me forever and they come with so many!

  9. beebabe313 (verified owner)

    these are actually very high-quality screens and metal. you can noticeably tell the difference between these and your standard fare.

  10. A. Anderson

    Have always been pleased with these. I change them more frequently than I probably should, but to me that's ok.

  11. Clay710 (verified owner)

    They work great, zero issues.

  12. Alex

    Customer service is fantastic. For me, I don't cough anymore and the taste of my bud is so much better. 1000% would recommend!

  13. Anthony (verified owner)

    Had a small issue with my shipment because I ordered 111 instead of 1 and the company actually contacted because someone there had flagged it. Good looking out! I love these screens and if you use one of the codes it's even cheaper and they last forever. No brainer imho.

  14. Mateo M. (verified owner)

    I used my buddy's bowl and loved the screens so much that I bought 2 packs. This stuff is legit.

  15. Dean Stockell

    These screens are THE BEST! I can't take a hit without one. They even catch kief!

  16. SmokeysWildFire

    I can’t say enough good things about something so simple! They keep out res from your glass way more than any product on the market period.

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