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Downstem Screens

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Dealing with filthy bong water is not only revolting but also time-consuming. With Invincipole's proprietary stainless steel pipe screens, you get double the filtration with none of the hassles. These screens are made of 304 surgical stainless steel and allow for maximum air flow. They keep embers and ash out of the bong while providing a smooth, even burn of the herb. 

Generic screens degrade easily and are made of corrosive elements like that are known to be harmful. Continuous heat fluctuation has been shown to contribute to the deterioration of brass screens. Our stainless steel screens will not wear out from thermal cycles induced by smoking applications. Upgrade your smoking experience today with an Invincipole and a screen pack to see what all the excitement is about!

20 screens per pack.

High Tales

Once upon a time, in a world where stoners and smoking enthusiasts gathered in hazy circles, a legend arose: Invincibowl. These were no ordinary smoking accessories; they represented a marvel of design and engineering, true game-changers for herb aficionados.

In the heart of Invincibowl's allure lay its remarkable indestructibility. A patented design had been carefully crafted to make it resistant to clumsiness and mishap. These unbreakable bong accessories laughed in the face of gravity, for they could endure accidental drops and impacts without shattering into a thousand pieces, as glass often did. But its merits didn't end there. Invincibowl, it was said, was a friend to your wallet. While its initial cost might seem a tad higher than those delicate glass bong bowls and downstems, it promised investment in longevity. It cured the chronic cycle of buying and replacing fragile glass components.

Ultimately, the cumulative cost of replacing three or more broken glass pieces equaled the initial investment in an Invincibowl.

And for those who held a particular aversion to the metallic taste that sometimes tainted the purity of their smoking experience, Invincibowl offered salvation. Its interface was crafted from medical-grade surgical stainless steel, ensuring the cleanest smoke possible. Bid farewell to the metallic aftertaste that has plagued many a connoisseur, as Invincibowl preserves the authentic essence of your chosen herb.

Yet, the most extraordinary part of the Invincibowl tale was its lifetime guarantee. A promise that stretched beyond the realms of ordinary commerce. If, by some twist of fate, the Invincibowl did not meet your satisfaction or if it faced any issues, we vow to be there for you forever. This guarantee is as enduring as the product itself, a pledge that echoes through the corridors of time.

And so, the legend of Invincibowl grows, passed on from one smoking enthusiast to another, a story of durability, cost-effectiveness, and purity. A tale that reassures those searching for the best bong bowls and downstems, that they need not look any further than the legendary Invincibowl!

Stainless-steel screen, lifetime guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Philip Mixell
Best in the biz.

You can’t go wrong, this company makes good stuff!

Gary Millen

Excellent product! Keeps bong water very clean.

So clean!

My bong has been transformed with these screens. The water stays clean for so long, especially with the Invincibowl ones too.