A 420 Bong Smokers Essential

A 420 Bong Smokers Essential

Whether you are an avid cannabis smoker or just beginning to venture into the overwhelming utility of the plant, at some point, we must accept the loss of our glassware as part of the experience. Before you grieve the demise of your bowl, however, consider the wildly futuristic unit known as, Invincibowl. This ultra-sleek shatterproof component is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. The unique gadget is available in 5 vibrant colors that accentuates any 14mm compatible bong.

Invincibowl was the vision of creator Jeff Houkal; a mechanical engineer, actor, producer and imaginative jet setter with years of experience in product development and inventor with 7 patents. “My wife, Gloria, isn’t co-inventor of the Invincibowl, but she was the genesis and inspiration,” he explains, “after she broke three glass bowls in one month the inventor in me was driven to find a solution.”

Nearly every day, one in five smokers break their equipment. Determined to establish an inventive alternative, Invincibowl was born. Not only did Jeff restructure a beloved tool but, he took an unorthodox approach to traditional smoking screens. Jeff devised the revolutionary “Secure-Screen” technology which permits device inversion, allowing the user to discard waste easily. Other metal screens are forced into place using equal parts elbow grease and resin yet, they are quick to dislodge with even the slightest glance.

Jeff did not merely change the way we hold our screens in place but, he changed the screens themselves. Traditional brass screens disintegrate with use since they have a relatively low melting point and contain elements of zinc and copper- irrefutability contaminating your smoking experience. Invincibowl’s proprietary screens are stamped out of a durable 304 stainless steel mesh. This enables a high-flow shield (which believe me, does not easily obstruct) and produces zero exhaust while trapping even the finest grind.

Along with producing one of the most novel bong accessories out there, the folks at Invincibowl have a revolutionary downstem coming out soon, and they’re even working on a cutting-edge dabbing nail. “We are excited about what is to come for Invincibowl and with the public’s on-going support, we can rid the world of broken bowls!” – Jeff Houkal, CEO

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