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About Invincibowl

Invincibowl creates practical solutions to problems faced by many tokers.

Invincibowl was developed from the ingenious idea that bowls should not be expendable. Some of the most popular smoking devices are beautifully crafted and designed but are entirely inept. How many times have you broken some part of your bong? We bet it is incalculable.

That’s why Jeff Houkal (CEO) teamed up with his wife Gloria and best friend Matt to start Invincibowl in 2019. Using his mechanical engineering wizardry, Jeff created a bong bowl that is not only unbreakable but also resolves dreaded product loss and filthy bong water. With a focus on the development and implementation of dependable and groundbreaking products, we have been able to add more imaginative products to our store.
The Invincibowl Team
The Invincibowl Team: Gloria, Jeff, Matt
Why Choose Invicibowl
Lifetime Guarantee
As the supplier of unique bowls and downstems, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. If your products suffer any defects during their time of use, no matter how long, we will replace the parts at no charge as long as they were damaged under normal use and maintenance.
Smoother Pull of Tobacco Products
Enjoy a clean hit of whichever product you choose to smoke thanks to our high-flow smoking screens. Our customers consistently rave about how smooth our hits are. That's because the proprietary mesh provides an even burn with an easy pull.
Unbreakable Bowls and Downstems
We're not exaggerating -- our accessories are shatterproof thanks to their aerospace-grade aluminum bodies. Our products can survive a fall from up to 10 feet onto a solid surface.
A Hassle-Free Smoking Experience
This bowl has guts. It can process up to 20 hits before you even think about swapping out the screen. And that's not all. Typical bowls have a curved bottom but not the Invincibowl. Our flat bottom offers a perfect screen fit but more importantly, an even burn.

Invicibowl is for everyone. If you have a bong collection, consider picking up an Invincipole as well, which can fit into a broad range of bongs. If you enjoy the smooth filtration of a bong, you need an Invincibowl. Make the switch and experience a better high.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us! Shop our full range of products here.
Invincibowl is committed to the development and implementation of dependable and ground breaking products. We don’t settle for the status-quo and neither should you.
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