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Invincipole Maintenance Kit

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All moving parts need to be kept in good working condition as this ensures consistent results. That is why at Invincibowl, we take smoking and maintenance very seriously. Repeated cleaning can cause surfaces to degrade. The Invincipole Maintenance Kit helps protect against increased friction by restoring function. Apply a small amount of our food-grade, non-toxic, silicone grease to ensure the device operates without any interruption and with the same quality as day one! There is no service schedule but, we prefer an application every few cleanings. We have included three replacement O-rings in our kit on the off chance you experience breakage/damage with your O-ring.


There is no need to find parts yourself! This kit contains all the components required to maintain peak performance of your Invincibowl products. This all-in-one pack provides you instant access to the tools needed to maintain your device.

Our food-grade silicone grease will stop sticking, squeaking, and binding all moving parts. It's an excellent release agent and will not gum, melt, freeze, become tainted, or cause harm by forming any residue. It also has no discernable flavor or odor so you can rest assured you will not be interfering with the flavor of your flower. We only use the highest quality non-toxic lube to ensure the best results possible.

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Weight .2 oz

15 reviews for Invincipole Maintenance Kit

  1. Brittany

    This is another case of “why didn’t I think of this.” I like using it after I clean the downstems.

  2. Yolanda (verified owner)

    I bought the red one for my dad for Father’s Day to go with a little bong I ordered and decided to get the screens and the lube too I am so glad I did because he loves them I recommend these 100%

  3. LB (verified owner)

    I recommend every downstem owner to have one of these lubes in their house because it makes a difference! If you clean your "Pole" enough times its gonna need some lube.

  4. Ed. T (verified owner)

    As described. Even had extra equipment.

  5. Cat (verified owner)

    I bought it, but wasn't the one that used the kit. He says it worked great w all his "poles." He said something about how he didn't even need to use that much because it's good quality lubricate.

  6. SmokerSoph

    I wish they had a kit with the whole system but anyways I bought the bowl the downstem the screens and the kit all at the same time and its the best thing I have ever spent money on. If you dont know if it will be worth it trust me it is. I use them everyday and with all of my bongs.

  7. steven

    works really well

  8. Lidia (verified owner)

    When you clean your pieces as much as we do, the functions will gradually diminish and efficiency will be compromised. I used to have to use coconut oil to keep my downstem lubed up. I was often tasked with finding an acceptable way to compensate for the constant cleaning I subject my pieces to. Now, I don't have to use anything other than what Invincibowl recommends. This lube doesn't smell like anything, it's non-toxic, human-grade, and long-lasting. We love that.

  9. Danny (verified owner)

    I clean my bong, bowl and downstem literally every single day so, this thing is a lifesaver. When you use it as often as I do you need some way to bring that slide back. I recommend this kit 10000%. It lasts forever and you can even replace the rings if you want. I haven't changed mine yet and I've hard it for almost 8 months now...

  10. J. Nunez (verified owner)

    This maintenance kit was exactly as described and contained all of the components required to keep everything working as it should.

  11. Dave

    Need a titanium or hastalloy
    screen as well but slowly but surely.
    Have a US Tube that is 9mm thich almost unbreakable ice,water, and my inverted cone invincibowl and I am in heaven

  12. Dave

    I like the bowl but don’t load a bowl am more of a one hit guy I make some pretty good hash and I would love an insert that tapers inside down to 3/16” or so
    When I drop a small bit of greenery or puddy I have to chase the stuff and end up getting a huge hit of butane
    I would gladly pay for one of these solid or hollow would sell well me thinks
    Inside the insert tapers from top to 3/16 inch at bottom next to screen

  13. kim

    shipping time was reasonable and it works nice

  14. Kylia C. (verified owner)

    The kit is essential to keep your Pole running optimally! I highly recommend it!

  15. Doug

    Very nice! Now my parts are like brand new

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