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SUNDOWN Invincibowl Infinity- Orange 14mm Bong Bowl

(40 customer reviews)



Ultra sleek shatterproof 14mm bowl is precision crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. Secure-screen technology allows the user to invert the device, discarding ash. The unit comes equipped with a proprietary high-flow screen. Its low obstruction properties defend against product loss and ash deposit. Paired with the flat bottom design, it allows for an even burn producing minimal waste accumulation. Bowl also features an insulated grip guard for thermal protection. Significantly improve product consumption with optimal performance using this revolutionary accessory! 

Each Invincibowl package also includes two spare screens.
Lifetime warranty included!

Weight: 0.5oz

Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 0.3"

The 14mm Bowl Piece That Lasts

Do you dream of traveling without worrying about a glass bowl breaking in your bag? Or even just cleaning your bong without the bowl piece at risk of shattering? Look no further than the Sundown Invincibowl. This 14mm bowl piece will meet all your smoking needs without breaking the bank. Accidents happen, and you shouldn’t have to keep paying for a new bowl every time you drop yours.

Made of the highest quality materials available, this bowl won’t get any hotter during use than its glass counterparts, and it’s completely shatterproof. Unlike most glass bowls, this bowl piece includes a thermal protection grip guard to ensure you can safely dispose of ash between bowls comfortably.

Say Goodbye to Ashy Bowls

This shatterproof orange bong bowl is part of Invincibowl’s one-of-a-kind dual-screen system. This system utilizes two surgical-grade stainless steel screens to keep your glass ash-free while allowing more airflow than the flimsy screens you’ll find at your local smoke shop. Look no further for your next 14mm bowl piece.

The Sundown Invincibowl is by far the best bang for your buck, built to last exponentially longer than any other bowl on the market. Its hard-anodized finish prevents any metal byproducts from being released, so you can enjoy the full flavor of your herbs. Pair this bowl with our Sundown Invincipole Downstem for a premium smoking experience devoid of broken glass bowls or stems. If you want a fun and durable orange bong bowl that will outlive your most cherished glass pieces, the Sundown Invincibowl has you covered.

Additional information

Weight1.7 oz
Dimensions1 × 1.5 × 2 in


40 reviews for SUNDOWN Invincibowl Infinity- Orange 14mm Bong Bowl

  1. Carl Kramer (verified owner)

    Just received my Invincibowl and I am thrilled. For many months I have been using a knock off version of the Invincibowl and have never been truly happy with it. But the genuine article is a dream. It satisfies all the criteria that made the imitation one suboptimal. Every complaint I had about the cheap imposter is amply addressed with the real thing. You have made a lifelong customer.

  2. Yelena88 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband and he loved it. Evertyhing necessary is included and we think it's great gift especially for it's price

  3. Michael Miller (verified owner)

    The delivery was very quick. The package is nice, the accessories were all there and the pipe was better than expected. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

  4. Jamie J. (verified owner)

    I'll definitely be purchasing more!



  6. Kev

    Excellent value

  7. Smoke SCREEN DEAN!

    These things fire up my nerves like none other!!! YOU NEED ONE!!! BUY IT NOW!!! THEY HAVE DISCOUNT CODES!!! DO IT!!!!

  8. Matteo (verified owner)

    I love the color of this Invincibowl. I have the blue one and the black one but wanted to add a little bit of color into my collection. I always recommend these bowls to my friends because I am so clumsy. I break nearly everything except my Invincibowls!!!

  9. Alberto (verified owner)

    One if the best bowls i have bought ever so far if you constantly use it it can get hot but other than that it's a good sturdy bowl and plan on buying another one soon iv had mine a month and no problems

  10. F.Y. nyc D32

    My biggest concern was the taste. Let me tell you there is no taste of metal. It actually gives you a smooth burn like they say lol. It blew my mind. I would recommend this to every single person who smokes out of a bong.

  11. Tappiao (verified owner)

    love it

  12. hayden (verified owner)

    they really work!!

  13. okmmj

    Simply put works great

  14. Williams (verified owner)

    I am extremely satisfied with the product it works like magic and looks like it will last me a lifetime. This product does exactly as described. Comes with a lifetime warranty although I doubt I will have ever need to use it. Thanks for telling it like it is. Believe the hype.

  15. Corey

    This product is very very good for the price, so I'm glad I went for it. Smokes very well, and my ash is totally white. Very smooth.

  16. Jason Kelly (verified owner)

    Just all around great bowl with a "sleeve insert" to hold the screen in place... genius

  17. Alaina O. (verified owner)

    Zero complaints about the product. I liked that it had two extra filters. It's not a great idea to use anything with acetone cleaning ingredients in the glass cleaner either so make sure you just use some alcohol. The color is absolutely beautiful as well.

  18. Shopaholic (verified owner)

    This item was delivered on time and intact. I got it out of the box and immediately gave it a try. The quality is top shelf.

  19. MMk

    My Go-To!
    It’s a great Price, Great Quality, & Smokes Beautifully!

  20. 2gud2btru

    Perfect tool for smoking bowls!!!!

  21. invincibowl customer

    Easy to use. Still going strong months after I ordered it.

  22. Rae Le????n

    You need this. You don't even know it but trust me, you want one in every single color ????????‍♀️ It's with every penny!

  23. shauna (verified owner)

    Use this all the time. I have no clue if it actually HELPS but I feel like it does and its been my fav bowl ever for a while now.

  24. *~AkariZoe~* (verified owner)

    I love love love this nifty little thing! I don't know how I ever survived without it, nor do I want to ever be without it again. I cant go back to using a regular old bowl. This thing really is the last bowl you'll ever need!

    Just a word of advice though, use the screens.. those things are incredible!

  25. Jules Jones (verified owner)

    A super helpful tool for smokers especially if you use any type of bong or waterpipe. Everyone has been jealous of me since I got it and I cannot recommend it enough. Also, no picture to uploaded because it looks exactly the same. I want to buy the downstem they just came out with too.

  26. Mia Ruiz (verified owner)

    I love these.. I have 2 already. 1 for my purse, the other for the house. And I absolutely love the black one because it matches all of my bongs. I've lost it while camping a few times and was able to find it pretty quickly. Will definitely be ordering more and the downstems to.

  27. Vom (verified owner)

    I love these. Simple to use they fit practically any piece, very effective, and would make a fantastic gift.

  28. Bree && Amy

    I got this as a gift, but the person I got it for loves it so much. It's great to have all the tools needed on hand! Especially now that we're living that California lifestyle and we can take all the goods on the go! This purchase was a great present, would highly recommend if you are looking to get your adult friend just a little something on a special day. Or if you need something for travel this is perfect ????

  29. Payton Ricci (verified owner)

    I LOVE this piece!! It has been one of my favorites to use. I have killed the lungs of family and friends with this powerful beauty. I even bought twin bowls to fit my aesthetic ???? You smoke 2 bowls at once and then it's nap time ???? LOVE THIS COMPANY AND THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

  30. e4r2i0c

    I broke so many beautiful tool cuz my hand shake a lots and everything finish fall on the floor .. now i own this bowl it's done .. Easy to assemble and dissemble.. make cleaning so easy .. Definitely the best Bowl !! Follow me on Instagram if you wish see me use it ✌

  31. Cyle bailey Midcoast_grower

    I absolutely love it I been hitting it hard for 30 min now and it still hits like no other bowl i have ever had!!! The bottom of the bowl is wide because of the boss screen that's in it so it hits like your just breathing. The bowl its self is nice and thick you know it's a solid product ! The bowl being wide like it is allowed the perfect hit and the ashes just fall out. This is honestly the best bowl ever

  32. Tina B. E. (verified owner)

    This review is long overdue..

    I have had my bowl for many months and have repurchased screens multiple times. This is the most durable product I have smoked with. There is absolutely no metallic taste, my bong water is virtually clear after multiple rips, and I can actually reuse their screens! They are really easy to get a hold of too which is always a plus.

    I highly recommend you try these guys out!

  33. David

    Simple but so clever! From a company that surpasses the expectations when it comes to customer service and awesome products, Love this company and I can't wait to see what else they come up with 😉

    Much Love.

  34. Karina E. (verified owner)

    I'm clumsy so this the perfect product for me. Easy to clean the ash too. Works great for a quick smoke.

  35. Meegan K.

    It looks exactly as pictured, and it's really pretty. I've been using mine for months and it still works just like it did when I first got it. I want another one.

  36. WildStonerMom

    Really love this unique color, great for travel, I use this with my silicone bong all the time when we go camping.

  37. G. P. (verified owner)

    love this color alot

  38. Josh Leven (verified owner)

    The Invincibowl may cost more than other bowls but, it is so worth it! I now have 3 and Sun Down is definitely my favorite.

  39. Justin Ngo (verified owner)

    took this with me on a 2 week camping trip with my gf's (clumsy) friends INCREDIBLE

  40. Xiomara

    So freaking happy with my new bowl!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed!

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