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REIGN Invinci-bundle- Purple 18mm/14mm Downstem and Bong Bowl

(27 customer reviews)



Unite forces and experience the ultimate smoking experience!

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The Invincipole is an 18mm/14mm joint fitting down stem. Crafted from an aerospace grade aluminum module with a full body hard-anodization, the device comfortably admits any 14mm bowl. Invincipole features the world’s first Telescoping Technology extending from 3 inches – 5 ¾ inches fitting a wide range of commonly distributed bongs. Precision lightning ridges make pole extension easy while the inner O-ring seals the directed air flow. The downstem features a multi-hole diffuser which houses the final ash defense system, our proprietary stainless-steel screen.
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Ultra-sleek shatterproof 14mm bowl crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. Secure-screen technology allows the user to invert device, discarding ash. The unit is assembled with a high-flow screen with low obstruction properties and features an insulated grip guard for thermal protection.


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Weight 4.2 oz


27 reviews for REIGN Invinci-bundle- Purple 18mm/14mm Downstem and Bong Bowl

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    It’s durable, doesn’t clog up quickly, and sits in place perfectly for all of my stuff. Surprisingly useful. I really thought this was going to just be a cheap, ok downstem, but I actually talk about it to my friends when I’m gaming with them, so because I’m always selling it to them, I figured I’d leave a review too.

  2. Charlotte (verified owner)

    I got mined a few days sooner than expected which is always nice. The packaging was eco friendly and easy to dispose of which I appreciate. I have used the pair for about 2 weeks now and I love it. I don't see how I can ever return to glass. It just does not cut it anymore.

  3. Luna Lucas (verified owner)

    can u guys pls stop coming out with the cutest colors pls its starting to become my secret obsession to collect these awesome bowls and "poles"

  4. Maho245

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love it!!!

  5. lovemine

    where has this been all my life? I love this thing! I have been re purchasing for some time now and I'm so happy with this company

  6. Molly

    Not only is this the single best thing ever but, it comes in purple and pink!! My fav colors of all time! Sturdy, handy, easy to use, all of the above, etc!!! Love it so much!! The quality speaks for itself!!!

  7. R.oL.o79 (verified owner)

    Very smart design. Would definitely buy it again

  8. _MeowJulesMeow_

    I honestly wish I could give this product more stars! I LOVE IT!!! This is a purchase you will never regret. I have no idea how I smoked before this. The screen is PERFECT and keeps my bong so clean. The steel is amazing! I will definitely be buying more of these.

  9. Dustin & Melissa

    I use this every day and hate going without it.

  10. benjamin (verified owner)

    Top-quality products. I've made a few purchases from this company and each time, they impress more than last time. This color is a great addition to my collection. Highly recommend their screens too. I am going to buy more!

  11. Randy C

    Talk about protection against impacts. A very worthwhile investment with loads of features. Very happy with my purchase and shipping.

  12. TYMKenny

    Frickin love mine

  13. Jane loves weed

    I continue to buy this exact product simply because you can't beat the price. I discovered this brand a few months ago and have been collecting their bowls to slowly replace my existing glass. I think this is such a great way to utilize all the different pieces I have without fear of breaking anything!

  14. Oliver L. (verified owner)

    wish it was a lighter shade of purple but good function overall

  15. Codi

    Every person who smokes marijuana should have one of these.

  16. S4ha

    I didn't realize how much I actually need one of these till I saw it. And when I got it, life got just a little bit easier. I don't waste any more money at the headshop replacing broken bowls. I don't try to measure out my downstem because that doesn't matter anymore. All I need to know is if it is 18mm. I recommend both the bong bowl and the adjustable downstem to anyone that smokes out of a bong.

  17. thetravelingsmoker (verified owner)


  18. Ronald Simmons

    It arrived unbroken! That's a joke. Very good product. Happy with this bundle pack.

  19. erick

    I love the color of "Reign" and the bonus is that the screens are sturdier and don't have to be replaced as often. I was just looking to save some money during quantity but I'm very happy that the quality of these screens is so good that I'm saving a ton of money now. I will definitely buy them in the future again

  20. L.K.

    I Absolutely love these they are thick deep and durable with screens that can take a beating and many cleanings.

  21. N. Abara

    First time buying from this company; very happy with their customer service. Great products fit perfectly, cleans easily, and packaged professionally.

  22. Sean

    Solid piece with precision cuts i appreciate the machine work and think that i will buy another one just to test out its strength

  23. rick ortiz

    got this for my gf at christmas and she loves it so much. they actually ship really fast and the screens are really durable too. my gf says she already wants to buy all of the colors ha ha

  24. Jeff Brown (verified owner)

    I'll never use another downstem ever again! This thing is perfect for all of my pieces. It fits in the small one and also in the tall one. Perfect because I always want to change out my bongs.

  25. Raw Casey

    Really easy to clean, and keep your bowls cleaner without any hassle of having to wash your bong. I just swap out my water and I'm good to go. I highly recommend any serious smoker to invest in a few pairs. My daily driver since I got it.

  26. Vihaan

    Great gadget! I’m a smoker (no sh*t) and I’ll guarantee you’ll never go back to smoking out of a glass downstem or bowl.

  27. SPR

    This thing is the best color 10/10

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