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AERIAL Invincibowl Infinity- Green 14mm Bong Bowl

(16 customer reviews)



Ultra sleek shatterproof 14mm bowl is precision crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. Secure-screen technology allows the user to invert the device, discarding ash. The unit comes equipped with a proprietary high-flow screen. Its low obstruction properties defend against product loss and ash deposit. Paired with the flat bottom design, it allows for an even burn producing minimal waste accumulation. Bowl also features an insulated grip guard for thermal protection. Significantly improve product consumption with optimal performance using this revolutionary accessory! 

Each Invincibowl package also includes two spare screens.
Lifetime warranty included!

Weight: 0.5oz

Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 0.3"

Additional information

Weight1.7 oz
Dimensions1 × 1.5 × 2 in


16 reviews for AERIAL Invincibowl Infinity- Green 14mm Bong Bowl

  1. lori

    Very nice product. Nice packing. Delivery before estimate date. All colors r very nice to grip and to use. 5 stars.

  2. Jen

    Smoothest hits ever!

  3. RRishlo

    These are a great value! I recently was using the bowlz version but decided to try these because that one would split apart when I pulled it and I would waste an entire bowlful of weed on the carpet :/ This is much better and has a screen inside

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    Great value for the money. Good quality, beautiful color, and very durable.

  5. virgina

    I am now absolutely sold on this brand and their product! Things just work!

  6. Deb

    the air flow is 100x better than anything i tried before

  7. Ruth

    Hands down my favorite bowl piece!!! The filter is great at keeping my bong from getting super dirty!

    somethings you need to know!!!
    - rubbing alcohol and salt only!!!
    -dont throw away the screen filter you can just reuse it if you use a torch to burn off all the resin or you can rub it with a pipe cleaner and use a toothpick to get all the extra stuff out

    I love it!!!

  8. Crystal S. (verified owner)

    I really like the bowl its good quality and built to last. The only thing that suck about it is it doesnt come in a forest green color. I still like this color but I wish they also had it in a deeper green.

  9. Diego Fuentes (verified owner)

    Honestly not to bad I was scared buying it but I turned out happy with it. I like the screen inside.

  10. ximena

    this color is sooooo nice!!!!!

  11. Pat R.

    Just got mine in the mail and omg it is sooo much more beautiful in person. You definitely need to invest in one of these because it pays for itself with the first drop. I love that I can easily reach out to the company for questions and the price is reasonable especially if you use one of those codes. Love it. Highly recommend.

  12. Lisa Adametz (verified owner)

    I loooove this bowl. I wish I had known about it earlier. The bundle is the perfect way to go, really. (I mixed colors for fun!) I have asthma and glassine nodules in my lungs, but also know that I need the medicinal components that I can only get through inhalation. Using the Invincibowl/Pole are a great way to help get that and with TWO screens! One in the pole and one in the bowl. Now when I “ash a bowl”? I’m not wasting anything, either. It’s all white ash. And I’m having a wonderful, clean session. Thank you so much to you all. ???? - Lisa

  13. Trevor

    Came in this beautiful packaging with clear instructions. I love the fast shipping and customer communication. It's also an amazing conversational piece. Everyone comments on the durability and smoothness.

  14. Lacey Miller

    Very easy to use. Perfect outcome each time *wink* and the instructions on the packaging are very clear. I already placed an order for the screens.

  15. Alexa H

    Such a gorgeous colors! I bought the bowl first to see if I would even like it and omg I have been beating myself up for not getting the bundle pack to begin with

  16. T. G.

    Authentic, great price, and came in much earlier than expected. 10/10!

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