AERIAL Invinci-bundle - Green 18mm/14mm Downstem and Bong Bowl

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The Invincipole is an 18mm/14mm joint fitting down stem. Crafted from an aerospace grade aluminum module with a full body hard-anodization, the device comfortably admits any 14mm bowl. Invincipole features the world’s first Telescoping Technology extending from 3 inches – 5 ¾ inches fitting a wide range of commonly distributed bongs. Precision lightning ridges make pole extension easy while the inner O-ring seals the directed air flow. The downstem features a multi-hole diffuser which houses the final ash defense system, our proprietary stainless-steel screen.
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Ultra-sleek shatterproof 14mm bowl crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. Secure-screen technology allows the user to invert device, discarding ash. The unit is assembled with a high-flow screen with low obstruction properties and features an insulated grip guard for thermal protection.


Additional information

Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 in


17 reviews for AERIAL Invinci-bundle - Green 18mm/14mm Downstem and Bong Bowl

  1. Andre W. (verified owner)

    I waited for this for so long, and it finally came! Better than I hoped it would be, the hits were great, and my water stayed so clean!

  2. Angie Campbell

    this combination makes the most out of your bong and increases function by 1000%

  3. THawk

    I really like this thing. IT IS HEAVY! In my experience, heavy-duty usually means better. The bowl has plenty of space and can easily fit a huge nug. I also think it is well designed in the telescoping mechanism. The slide is easy and yet stable. It even has a screen inside the downstem. I like it but honestly don't use it as much as the bong bowl screens.

  4. paul

    use this as my daily and i love it

  5. Angela

    There is really no other device out on the market that can help you conserve more product than the invincibowl. I have tried everything and while glass bowls are pretty, the invincibowl is beautiful and functional #nevergoingbacktoglass

  6. a.a. (verified owner)

    this color is perfect i really love it

  7. Shane R

    I was looking for something to use for a go bag.
    This does the job nicely. Well-built, not too heavy, comfortable to carry, and will never break.
    The down stem is great for when you need to quickly switch up.

  8. Jessica Muller

    I am really happy with my recent purchase. I have been waiting for a color like this to come out and I jumped at the opportunity to purchase! They work exactly as advertised and I would make the argument that they're even better! I highly 😉 recommend you order a bundle!

  9. Christine

    Love the vibrant colors!

  10. D. Williams (verified owner)

    Perfect size, perfect style. I love it and you need it.

  11. RUTH

    ???????????? GREAT PRODUCT

  12. Eddie

    5-star customer service. Fast shipping DURING THE HOLIDAYS. Great merchandise. Will definitely place another order.

  13. Abigail Johnson

    I was very impressed with the quality of the Invincibowl and decided to try their new Invincipole. This is great for an every day user. I love the sleeve that holds the screen in place and the extra protection I get with the pole makes me feel better about smoking. Paired with my mooselabs and ash catcher, I feel Invincibowl!

  14. M. Pa

    I bought 3 sets and I am so happy. I knew my wife was going to steal one and she did. Then she lost it so we have a backup. I will definitely be buying more since these are limited edition. Must have for all.

  15. Smoking Wife (verified owner)

    My husband got this for me as gift to replace all of the bowls that I've broken. It's the best thing ever and the color is stellar!

  16. Daniela

    Beautiful, light weight, great for shaky hands and I love them.

  17. The Rare Reviewer

    This color is seriously EVERYTHING. I have been talking to the company about different colors for a while and I am so happy they're finally here! I bought the bundle and then bought another one for my mother in law. She loves it! Perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.

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