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This holiday season, stock up on all of the essentials with our huge Black Friday Blowout Sale! Our products are already cost-effective but, taking advantage of this markdown will yield even greater savings.

The Invincibowl and Invincipole are both precision designed from aerospace-grade aluminum and surgical stainless steel. These components also have a hard anodized coating to ensure the highest level of defense against damage- the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself! The Invincibowl bong bowl houses the first insert to hold down your screen. There’s no longer a need to use resin to try and secure it in place. Our proprietary mesh is innovative and unlike anything else you’ve ever used. It offers a high-flow semi-permeable barrier, ensuring an even burn with little to no ash left behind in your bong water- saving you product, money, and your sanity! Meanwhile, the Invincipole features the world’s first telescoping technology. This downstem is truly in a class by itself. It can extend or retract to fit bongs ranging from 3 inches to just under 6 inches! It houses a second ash defense system in the pull cap to further protect your bong water from ash, cannabis boogers, and product loss!

All items in the shop will be discounted an additional 33%! That means you can snag an Invincibowl for $20 bucks! If you need a new downstem, you’ll save $15, bringing your total to $30! Purchase the bundle pack and pay just $45, saving you $22! This discount will even apply to replacement parts, maintenance kits, and other accessories like our custom Toker Pokers and Invincibowl apparel! Get all your must-haves before it’s too late. Just use code “ONYXFRIDAY” at checkout!

Don’t miss out on this epic Black Friday Sale. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out about exclusive deals, product drops, and more!

Invincibowl is committed to the development and implementation of dependable and ground breaking products. We don’t settle for the status-quo and neither should you.
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