Hey Dudes! 🤟🏼Today we get to share an interview with two awesome individuals. The Houkals came together to create "The last bowl you'll ever need". Introducing the creators of the Invincibowl; a stainless-steel bowl PERFECT for those of with disabilities that affect our hands. So, without further ado ... Tell us about yourselves!

Jeff & Gloria: We are Jeff and Gloria Houkal. Invincibowl was created by Jeff, a mechanical engineer with years of experience in product development- inventor of 7 patents. After I, Gloria, broke three glass bowls in the span of 3-4 weeks, he decided he’d had enough so, Jeff set out to create a bowl that did not break and had a captured screen that does not clog easily or burn to a crisp.








*Image description: Three photos of an orange metallic herb bowl. The background is a flower garden.

Jeff & Gloria: The concept quickly went from prototype to launching an actual business. He became a CEO while still working full-time as a mechanical engineer, doing part-time engineering consulting work, and while still working in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and visionary jet setter. I became CMO and we've been running ever since. We have found an amazing support system within the cannabis community and I believe we can change the industry standard.

A&A: We were sold the moment you said "unbreakable" and "orange". Amanda breaks bowls all the time because she has neuropathy in both their hands. It makes it even better that it is family created and owned.

You said you've broken your fair share of glass bowls. How did you first discover cannabis?

J&G: I discovered cannabis almost a decade ago when I first began to struggle with my own health. I quickly fell in love with how many diverse medicinal and recreational uses cannabis has. When Jeff asked if he could also indulge- I was thrilled to open him up to the experience. Jeff says, "I use cannabis to better my mental health. I am more present, creative, and simply enjoy the high." I love that we marvel together at its versatility.

A&A: We are the same way. We are always reading and learning new things about cannabis. We marvel at its versatility too! Can you explain what the InvinciBOWL™ is?

*Image description: Orange metallic herb bowl. This is a view from above to show the insert, screen, and handle with thermal covering.
J&G: Invincibowl is a direct replacement to traditional glass bowls and will fit snugly into your existing 14mm setup. The Invincibowl is crafted from aerospace grade aluminum and surgical stainless steel. It also comes equipped with a silicone grip guard to further protect the bowl handler. A 1/4 turn counterclockwise of the screw will release the stainless steel insert and the biomedical grade screen it holds in place. I love the fact that I can finish a bowl and simply tap out the ash without having to stick my pinky in to readjust the screen or replace it. Every unit comes with spare screens to allow the user to really test the durability, easy operation, and cleaner smoking experience.

A&A: We have tried it a good TEN times now, and we can safely say ... it is easy to use, clean, AND IT DOESN'T BREAK! What do you hope to do in the next 5 years?

J&G: We hope to continue to stay innovative and responsive to the cannabis community and its needs- always bringing our very best!

We know you will be! Hit them up on Instagram with anymore questions @Invincibowlofficial or at invincibowl.com

Later dudes! ✌

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Never break a bowl again with the Invincipole and Invincibowl combo pictured above. Courtesy of Invincibowl

Mechanical engineer, actor and producer Jeff Houkal watched his wife, Gloria, break three glass bowls in a month

If you’ve ever owned a glass bowl, you feel Gloria’s pain.

Houkal went about creating a bowl that did not break, and thus, the Invincibowl was born.

Great for both experienced smokers and novices, the Invincibowl contains secure-screen technology, which is made of proprietary mesh, that allows for 20+ bowls to be smoked before clogging.

Also created by Invincibowl, is their Invincipole.

The Invincipole, which is crafted from anodized aluminum, utilizes telescoping technology to extend or contract to fit any 18mm bong.

If you’re a hiker or enjoy spending time outside, take your Invincibowl and Invincipole along for the ride!

All of their products can withstand any environment. Invincibowl retails at $30 and the Invincipole is $45.

Introducing the Invincipole

Xymetric LLC entered the cannabis arena with our revolutionary Invincibowl- completely changing the sustainability and smoking experience of bong bowls. Now, our new product has launched and offers an even superior smoking experience: The Invincipole

The Invincipole features the world’s first Telescoping Technology for a downstem, extending from 3 inches – 5 ¾ inches fitting nearly all of the commonly distributed bongs. The precision lightning ridges make for easy sliding to configure the down stem to your unique bong.  The inner silicone O-ring and precisely designed down stem tube creates a perfect seal for a completely leak free experience. The Invincipole features a percolation diffuser which increases water filtration of the smoke, while also removing more particulates from entering the lungs. When the percolating diffuser is loosened, it exposes a stainless-steel screen that completes the bong water defense system unique to the Invinicibowl/Invinicpole combination, ultimately keeping your glassware cleaner, longer.  Keeping with tradition we include one screen in the assembled product and an additional two extra screens for a continued hassle free experience.

The only maintenance required of the Invincipole is to change out expired screens. Our general guidance is, when you are ready to replace your bong water, then you are ready to swap out your Invincipole screen.

Commonly distributed brass screens have been around for decades but, are quick to degrade since brass has a relatively low melting point. They also contain zinc and copper which will contaminate your smoking experience. While alternatives such as glass or quartz screens are reusable, they require tons of patience as tenacious cleaning and gentle handling are required. Our proprietary screens are made of durable stainless-steel and feature a high-flow shield which does not easily get obstructed.

Also the Invincipole is completely corrosive resistant for your cleaning needs.  The Invinicpole is made of stainless-steel and anodized aluminum and silicone which all of which are safe from degradation and will not ever need replacement.

Now that the Invincipole has been released in several markets across the United States and Canada. Customers from around the world will be able to enjoy their favorite bowl with a sturdy downstem.

We are super excited to showcase the benefits of cleaner glassware when the Invincipole is paired with the Invincibowl.  We have released a video to demonstrate the benefits of our combined system. Take a look!




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Whether you are an avid cannabis smoker or just beginning to venture into the overwhelming utility of the plant, at some point, we must accept the loss of our glassware as part of the experience. Before you grieve the demise of your bowl, however, consider the wildly futuristic unit known as, Invincibowl. This ultra-sleek shatterproof component is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. The unique gadget is available in 5 vibrant colors that accentuates any 14mm compatible bong.


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What’s in Your Stash? Jeff Houkal, CEO, Invincibowl

By  March 20, 2020 People


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